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Isaiah Rashaad aka “Zay” is known as an International Industry Superstar. 


He has choreographed for major brands such as; Ubisoft Just Dance, Porsche, Adidas, Nike, Skoda, Ed Hardy and more!  He's also worked with some of entertainment's top industry artists such as; Rihanna, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Todrick Hall, Shangela, Jane Zhang and more!  


As an experienced traveling Choreographer and Entertainer, his perception of art as a creative has inspired him to understand the world through a more artistic lens. He enjoys connecting his experiences through music, art and movement.

“Bringing the world together through music and movement has always been my mission.”

Trained in Seattle, WA at an early age, he landed the opportunity to move to Los

Angeles, CA to pursue his passion for performance. Working with

top choreographers such as; Tina Landon (Janet Jackson/Rihanna), Tanisha Scott

(Rihanna), Kevin Maher (Rihanna), Rich and Tone (Chris Brown) and more, allowed Isaiah to gain valuable training towards his career as an entertainer in the industry. 


From China to Thailand, Korea and America, Isaiah has had the opportunity to create for video games, commercials, theater, club events, summer festivals and live concerts.

 Isaiah has always left his heart in his art. His reputation exceeds him and he has become a well known choreographer and entertainer in the industry who touches the hearts of everyone he encounters both locally and internationally.

Click here to view his work!

“Creativity, Expression, Peace, Healing, Change and Love exists in the heart of artistic expression."

"Art and creativity is something that we all innately have within us." 


"That is our ultimate power"  


"We are all superstars.”

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